About Us

Civil Construction Specialists

Inframax Construction Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned road maintenance and construction company based in Te Kuiti and operating across the central North Island from Otorohanga to Taranaki.

We are locally owned and operated and take pride in delivering a quality result the first time, ensuring all of our staff and members of the public get home safely.

Since 1999 we have honed our skills, knowledge and experience in civil construction to offer a solutions-focused service to our customers.

Collaboration is at the heart of our philosophy.  We value the input of the client, engineer and contractor and actively promote and participate in an integrated approach to lifecycle asset management.  This collaborative decision making process is critical to optimising the timing, method, scale and cost effectiveness of treatment selections on the network.

Our Expertise

Our expertise in civil construction and roading infrastructure has been built over many years.

Our continued focus on this localised geographic area means we know the Central North Island better than anyone else, and this intimate knowledge of the area serves us well in delivering to both road maintenance and road construction projects.

  • We know the area’s unique challenges, including soil types and geology.
  • We know the volatility of localised weather patterns and the impact these can have.
  • We know where the region’s ‘hot spots’ are.
  • We know how to respond quickly and efficiently and have the local resources to do this.

And most importantly, we know how to develop and deliver the most appropriate methodology to meet these challenges.

Our track record speaks for itself.