Previous Maintenance Contracts

We successfully delivered road maintenance contracts to a number of local authorities over a large number of years.  

We continue to be awarded new contracts based on our successful delivery of past contracts.  Below is just a sample of recent previous contracts we have completed:


Project Name Egmont Area Road

Maintenance & Reseals 13/02 (Max)

Term 2013 - 2018

The lay of the land:

  • focus on incident response
  • unsealed & sealed pavement

What we did (in partnership with subcontractors):

  • sealed pavement maintenance 
  • pre-reseal repairs
  • drainage maintenance 
  • culvert replacements
  • traffic management & safety
  • environmental management
  • emergency response
  • minor works / unscheduled works
  • vegetation control
  • street cleaning

ODC logo

Project Name Otorohanga District Council Road Maintenance No. 963 
Term 2012 to 2017 (Max)

The lay of the land:

  • 834km of sealed and unsealed roads throughout the Otorohanga District
  • bridges of varying lengths, including large culverts and underpasses. 

What we did (in partnership with subcontractors):

  • traffic control
  • emergency response
  • minor works / emergency repairs
  • cyclic maintenance
  • street cleaning 
  • sealed & unsealed pavement maintenance
  • footpath maintenance
  • drainage maintenance
  • vegetation control
  • sexton services (grave digging and burial services)